Love Sick Warrior

Can you remember the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach when you thought about someone that you love? How they made you feel when you spoke to them, looked at them, spent time with them? I sure can. Isn’t that the same way we should feel when we spend time with Jesus? Love sick?! We need to be love sick warriors for Christ. We need to be ready for anything that comes our way as a warrior but our faithfulness and our love for the King should precede that and overflow in our lives. Does our love for Jesus trump the situation that rises up in your life or does the situation capture your attention more? We should be strong lovers for Jesus, strong intercessors, strong worshipers, strong children of God!

“Sustain me with the raisins,
refresh me with the apples,
for I am lovesick.
“My beloved belongs to me and I belong to him;
he pastures his flock among the lilies.”
– Song of Solomon 2: 5;16 (LEB)

Think it through: Does He bring butterflies in your stomach when you see His goodness, think about His mercies, see His faithfulness?

Prayer:  Lord please show me how to have more of an intimate relationship with you. I do not want my relationship to be shallow. I want to be a love sick warrior for you. Strong in battle and yet madly in love with my creator if I do not see the battle in my favor YET.  Amen.