The Labor Pain

As she pushes she awaits her miracle. The pregnancy journey is coming to an end and birth is right around the corner. The months of waiting, dreaming, and envisioning what her miracle will look like is about to make its grand entrance into this world. A new chapter is soon to commence. Can you feel all the emotions that are rushing in: excitement, nervousness, overwhelming joy, love and so many more?

The pain that accompanies the labor is unimaginable though. The sweat, the feeling of energy being drained right out of you…contractions coming quicker and quicker. These are all signals to let her know that the miracles is coming. Signals to say: Get ready! And sometimes, ready or not, your miracles is on the way. Much like a woman in labor, we as believers find ourselves in this same expectation as we continue our journey with Jesus.  The bible says that we go from glory to glory.

“But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit.”
2 Corinthians 2:18

There has to be an expectation of this new journey. There are emotions flying: excitement, nervousness, joy, etc. The work (labor) from carrying this miracle will soon produce the fruit. We are awaiting a transformation in our lives. We believe and know that this miracle will transform us. It will and HAS to transform our lives, it will bring meaning where there was lack of understanding, it will bring purpose where purpose was not seen. It will bring desire for completeness and wholeness where these were void in our lives.

The pain is increasing, the contractions are getting stronger… signs of a new comings, signs that we are still alive, signs that we are still in this journey with Jesus. But many times there are those that want to get epidurals. Epidurals to numb the pain, epidurals to ease the contractions. How can we appreciate our miracle if we didn’t really work for it? How do you value something that you didn’t struggle to get? You appreciate something that may seem unattainable but since you accomplished it you understand its worth. You fought through it. You struggled to finish and obtain it. You prayed, fasted, cried, shouted, and fought to get to this place of giving birth to your miracle. You are not able to value how costly something is unless you yourself paid a price

We as believers should not run from the labor pains – we should embrace it. We should not try and give epidurals to the process. We need to face it. The miracles that are ready to be birthed through you will change and impact nations and generations to come. Don’t diminish the pain, embrace the journey and know that your miracle is coming soon! Don’t give up, you have carried this miracle for far too long to give up! The Doctor of all doctors is in that labor room with you cheering you on. Jesus is in your corner saying “You got this! Just push a little more. You are almost there!”