North Carolina Here We Are!

A new beginning indeed! God said it and I believed it. I allowed myself to align with His will and the end result…a promise fulfilled, miracles, and favor followed. 

I remember one Sunday morning in December, I was sitting in service and I knew in my spirit that the sweet lady in front of me had a word for me. Holy Spirit always alerts me of it before it happens. I prepared my heart to receive it and she turns around and says “Be still. God wants you to be still and watch, watch him work on your behalf. Watch what he is going to do for you. Just be Still and be at peace.” I was in tears. She doesn’t know me from anyone, and the one verse from Psalm 46:10 which has been my verse since 2017 she quotes. Was that a coincidence? NO, not at all. God knows what He is doing all the time. God knows your coming and your goings. He is omniscient! He is interested in your present and your future!

Little did this sweet lady know that we had closed on our home only a week before this Sunday service and we were planning on putting the house up for sale in Florida and begin our journey.  Our close family knew of our plans and helped us pray through the whole transition. My heart was confident, if God opened the door then He will see us through the whole process. We will have a buyer, we will close at the right time, we will not be in lack and we will be able to have favor and blessing. And beloved that is exactly what happened and is still happening. God is still working. We are sitting back and watching him work on our behalf. 

The testimony of how we got this house alone is powerful, the ease of closing, the ease of starting to move little by little, the amazing deals that we were able to get with the moving truck, the help that we received from family and friends, the peace we had as we packed box by box, the ease of buying new furniture, it was all God. Don’t get me wrong there was obviously sad moments. The pain of leaving behind our family and friends, our loved ones, the pain of leaving behind what was familiar to us for so many years, that was not easy. The pain of seeing the kids sad because they were leaving their grandparents and friends. It is emotional. But we knew we had to continue to transition. 

The pandemic hit, COVID-19 hit not only America but the entire world. People were effected from the north, south, east, and west. “Be still and know that I am God.” This verse kept playing in my head and I looked at my husband and said there will be some hard decisions that we will need to make and we even talked about advancing some of the plans that we had regarding relocation. We prayed, we prayed, and we prayed. We talked and we prayed. 

Philippines 4:6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” NLT

Through the pandemic- we packed more boxes and took trips on the weekend to our new home. We kept thanking Jesus! We began making the new home our home. Week by week, we were determined and we were busy bees. We kept thanking Jesus! We soon started to see the Florida home look more and more bare. It didn’t feel like home anymore. It’s so interesting how the Lord can position your heart and help transition you into the next season. It’s hard to leave current seasons at times. Sometimes they are warm and fuzzy, sometimes they are just too comfortable for us. But thanks be to God that He orders our steps and directs our paths. We kept thanking Jesus! He is such a good, good Father.  A good father knows when it is time for that child to transition in to the next season even when they themselves don’t feel ready. 

We looked at our home in Kissimmee one last time, bare and empty, ready for the buyer to fill this home with their memories and we said goodbye. With tears running down our faces and knots in our throats, we got in the car and started our new journey to North Carolina. 

Our hearts were so sad that we were not able to see everyone, hug everyone, and just spend time together before we left. THAT hurt the most. But rest assure, we will be back to spend time with everyone once we are able to. 

North Carolina has welcomed us with open arms, from the sweetest neighbors in our community, to the best church in N.C., we knew that the move was good. It was orchestrated by God himself. It was hard to leave so much behind but we were ready deep down, He was preparing us for quite some time now.

The kids have made friends quickly. They spend their time biking up and down the neighborhood and my Bo and I are busy attending to our big yard. It’s a new journey, a new beginning. It was all God and we are ever so grateful. North Carolina here we are!

Proverbs 3:6 “in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

9 Comments on “North Carolina Here We Are!

  1. Cristina, this has minister to my life to the point of not knowing if to cry or laugh!


  2. Mom applauds your tenacity, your love, your dedication to Him first and then to honor and love that handsome man in your life that only He guided and united both of you as one! Get ready for a lifetime of bliss, dedication, commitment and love! Our prayers answered!!!!

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  3. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. I’m so happy for you all. May God continue guiding you snd opening doors. Thank you for your beautiful words and shating your journey.
    Love you Pastora 😍

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  4. This put me in tear’s! Your dedication and Most of all your Obedience ❤ I pray for the best for you and your family You obviously are in the best Hand's as you said sit back and watch! whew what a testimony thank you so much for sharing ❤ God Bless you and your Journey.

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  5. Dear Christina. God knows our ins and outs. He knows that he had prepared your heart for such a time as this. Everything has fallen in place because it was God’s will. Congratulations and
    may God continue to bless you and your family. We love you.

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