Faith over Fear

The times that we are living in are very difficult times. Some say scary, some say anxious times and some say challenging times. I look at all that is happening right now and I sit in a place of peace and faith. A faith that my God will be in the midst of all this chaos and bring peace. Faith that my God is bigger than any virus and death. Faith that there is a harvest coming. A harvest of revival. A place where we are no longer complacent but we are yearning for God’s presence, we are yearning for miracles, signs and wonders. We are wearing to go in church and fellowship outside of a laptop screen or TV. A place where we are yearning to lay hands on the sick and see them healed, lay hands on the blind and have them see again. I am in great expectation for revival to come, but not an easy revival… reveal doesn’t come when things are easy. NOPE revival comes when things are uncomfortable, when they are hard, when the world needs answers. Revival comes when people are desperately looking for God! Revial comes when there is a remnant that is not satisfied but looks the weakest situation and speak life, prays life, stands in the gap!

More than ever we need people to proclaim FAITH and NOT fear. People that will stop giving a voice to the fear that the enemy would like to place over our lives, over our future and over our generations. I declare that Jesus is Lord! I pray every day, Father grant this nation faith! Grant this nation a repented heart, allow this nation to turn to You! Allow this nation to love You like they once did. You are pursing this nation and my prayer is that we turn back to you, honor you, place You in the position that You deserve in our lives, homes, our marriages, schools, work place, city, state, and world.

I challenge you beloved – Will you proclaim word of faith? Speak the word of faith when you text a friend, when you say hi to someone at the grocery store, when you IG someone… Speak Faith! Speak Jesus! Speak a word of encouragement. How many positive words are you able to say in one day. When all your mind wants to do is be negative how do you change/replace that thought or phrase with a positive one? How can we bless a young person, with our words and break every spirit of suicide that tries to linger over them? How can we speak to the person who is lonely in their home and doesn’t have very many people to talk to? How can we bring them hope? How can we speak to an elderly person that has not had any visitors and yearns to just talk with someone? Your voice is so powerful, the word of God says it can bring life or death to any situation (Proverbs 18:21)… What will you speak? Faith or Fear.

I chose Faith! In the deepest and most difficult time of my life, a time three years ago today, I made a choice.. IT was SO scary and I thought my world would end but beloved I needed to dig really deep down inside me and live the very words that I preached and proclaim. “I walk by Faith!” I needed the God that I serve to know that i am not quitting, i am not going to stop living for him! So i decided to live, walk, breath, cry, and talk in FAITH. everything that i did was a move of Faith! and Beloved I am here today three years later still walking my faith journey without any regrets. I have learned, I have cried, I have laughed, I have screamed but through it all I have remained filled with Faith knowing that God did not let me down then and He will not do it today! So be of good cheer beloved… God got this!



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