Our Next Level

On November 2013 a new home was finally constructed. After months of picking out floor plans, upgrades, and just waiting for the home to be completed, we finally closed on our new House.  We walked through the door knowing and believing that God ordained it all. God was able to give us specific instructions and we were obedient through it all. This new house was much larger, as we knew our family would keep growing and we wanted to make sure that we had enough space to grow. God did it and He did it AWESOME!

So many memories, much laughter, and much tears filled this house. I remember throwing birthday parties, gender reveals, I saw a new baby being born, kids growing older and older, meetings for future plans for our church plant, global ministries. Nights of prayer, post retreat outpours, and so much more. Yet the hardest of them all was receiving the worst news I could have ever received right in my own driveway. 

If these walls could talk, they would say I hear children laughing and running up and down the stairs, I hear wise counsel as you sit around the table with leaders and friends, I hear the sizzling sound of pans as there were so many home-made meals. I hear family coming and going from out of town, Late night laughs, prayers that filled heaven. If these walls could talk they would talk about the endless worship that happens, they would talk about the countless hours of homework with the kids, and workout sessions that are done. If these walls could talk, they would say I heard tears of sorrow, moments of unknown, moments of deep grief. If these walls could talk, they would speak of someone who was not sure how to survive, surviving. They would speak of courage and desire to push forward. If these walls could speak they would say joy came, Boaz came, restoration came. If these walls could speak they would talk about how laughter again filled the hallways, how a desire to step out in faith was evident. They would say she took a leap. A new beginning was underway. The spunk of little children was evident and there is something different this time. There is a change. There is a different sound now. 

I look back at the last 7 years and I am so grateful for what God has done in this house. This truly has been a HOME for us. It has been a place of rest, a place or relaxation, a place of being one’s self, a safe place, a shelter, a place of refuge, a place where family just gets together and loves! It’s the house that our children know and for the smallest ones all they have ever known. And now it is time to let go and begin a new chapter. This truly will be bittersweet for me as this house has so many memories and so much vested in these walls. I know that God has called us to close this chapter. When you place your full trust in Him, when you pray and look for His timing it will fall right in place. Doors will open and things that man won’t have access to become accessible to you!!!  I believe that whole heartedly as we are walking in that every day! 

We are all trusting in God to keep making the impossible possible and as we step put in faith we place our house on the market. We are ready for where God will transition us to and we know that the selling of this house will not stop us from having a HOME. My family is what makes this house a HOME. My family is what God has given me, blessed me with, graced me with!  As we leave this house in the months to come, we are grateful for: the memories, the shelter and the blessing of this house.  We know that we will be taking our family and establishing a new HOME again in our new Beginning. 2020 is a year of completion and the sale of this house will bring us to that place! 

Unite with us in prayer as we take big leaps and begin to close a chapter in order to open a new one!

Stay tuned for more updates on our next level!

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