Legacy- My Cub

What an honor it was to see my oldest son end 2019 with a Christmas preaching. As I watched him take the altar, tears ran down my face. They were bittersweet tears, tears of Joy as I saw the prophesy unfold and God take my handsome boy and mold him to what He wants of him and then tears of sadness because I wanted his Father to see this moment so bad. He dreamt of the day when he would see his children preach, and better yet preach from the altar which we planted. Heaven on Earth was our baby and what an honor it was to see our oldest take the microphone and preach what God himself placed upon his heart! I was so humbled and so honored to see Legacy unfold before my eyes! And holy Spirit gave me peace as I know Tony knew. I know how proud, more so, Jesus is of Ezekiel and all the people on this earth that are able to honor and be there! As long as we walk this earth- let’s make sure that we are supporting and loving those who are still here! 

Legacy is such a deep word… a word that sometimes we take so lightly. Legacy – something handed down from the past, a gift. This word for me means something so deep, it is something I hold dear and sacred.

Legacy is biblical. We see the legacy of Moses, Abraham, Paul, Ruth, Esther and so many more people. This is what these men and women in scripture showed, they showed a gift of faith, forgiveness and love. A gift of friendship, bravery, honor, and commitment. These are things that I strive today to make my family understand and live by, and uphold! Lord show me the true meaning of legacy and show me how to live that out in everything that I do and with everyone that I encounter. 

Show me how to have the very traits that YOU hold and show me how to live them out. Show me how to worship, forgive, love, honor, walk in peace, kindness, genuineness. Lord show me that when I am gone from this earth, the legacy that I leave behind for my family is how much I loved and honored Jesus. Let the legacy that I leave behind bring people closer to Jesus, that when my name is mentioned they mention the goodness of Jesus, the mention the woman who loved people like no other, the woman who walked in dignity, strength, honor and love. The woman who made a difference in so many lives, the woman who worshipped like no other – so the God that she served must be even BETTER.. the God that she served must be so good!

I don’t want to think about what we could have, should have, would have been/done. I want to leave this earth and for my children to say she had no regrets! She lived life on this earth by what Jesus asked of her and it was good. It was honorable.

We need people who are willing to see greatness in you and be there to push you closer to God, closer to His heart, closer to His will. 

Let’s let the legacy that we build be built on Jesus and on what He did while He walked this earth. How much He loved, how much He forgave, how much He discipled, how many miracles He did.  Let the legacy that we leave and build be a legacy that is not self-absorbed but allow it to be one that generations after us will be able to encounter and treasure. A legacy of salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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