Popularity Vs. Being Influential

I read a devotional this morning from Lisa Bevere and this devotional impacted me so much because it was the very thing that I believe. It speaks to the very thing that I have fallen into and want to avoid as a believer in Christ. 

Growing up you always want to be popular, you always want people to love you. But at what expense? I can see now in my journey with Christ that not even Jesus was popular. Not at all! Popularity is where fame is bred. It is acceptance, it is attractive, it is approved. Jesus was none of these things while he walked this earth as man and I would even argue, today as He is the Son of God he is not popular either. People criticize believers because of their faith! People are persecuted all over the world for believing in the Son of man, who washes away the sins of this earth! 

Popularity is a rush for so many people! Who would not want the whole team on their side? Who would not love to be loved by everyone? I have come to a place where I have seen this even in Churches… and it is so sad. We need to be at a place that if Jesus doesn’t approve, if it does not make the Father’s heart happy, then let’s step back and look! Examine what is truth, examine where injustice has taken place, examine where the enemy is trying to manipulate a situation to make a mountain out of a mole hill and kill testimonies. The bible says and Jesus even said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life.” John 14:6. Are we seeking the fathers approval or the new trend that has hit the market?

Are we chasing the truth or are we chasing popularity? I need to chase the truth I need to chase after Influence. Influence breeds guidance, inspiration, impact. Inspiration doesn’t go with the crowd. It is not pumped by numbers, it is pumped and fueled with the heart of Jesus.

Influence is found in the mighty men and women in the bible that went through so much yet still kept obedient to God. They did not turn their head to injustice…. Nope…Esther fasted and prayed for her people…Moses went up against an army, Joshua went up against giants to go into the promise land. We need to stop being afraid of who will be my friend, or not.. Who will love me or not… 

And I am going to say my next statement with love and boldness, Pastors does it please the heart of God when we are leaning on popularity because we don’t want our numbers to be swayed and yet our churches are so unhealthy! I can make that statement because I have Pastored before and my heart yearns for all the churches in this nation to catch this… it is not about popularity it is about influence. How are we influencing people to be more like Jesus and NOT us! It is not about us! It is about Jesus! How are we providing justice and truth to our congregations?

We need to be people that seek after what influences the heart of God and run with that same zeal and passion. I want to be an influencer no matter how unpopular it looks at first glance trust me the more you trailblaze the more you make a difference in this world for His Glory and not our own!

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