Hello my name is…

Such a powerful weekend this past weekend. I had the honor to speak at Kingdom Life International Christian Center for their annual Lady Life women’s conference titled: Beauty out of Ashes.

And I dedicate this blog to the Lady Life ministry!

 All I can was WOW! From the first night of PJs and Pancakes to the next day of pouring out my alabaster jar. I can truly say that this was a time of pouring into and pouring out!

What do I mean by that? I spoke into the lives of women that weekend and it was all for His Glory!  I had to dig deep inside and pour out the events that occurred in my life that lead to the beautiful situation that I now know to be true. 

I spoke about April 2, 2017 and the pinnacle events that transpired even after I received the news of my late husband fatal accident. I was able to share things that I have not released yet to a group of individuals in the past before, other than what will be in my book. I told them about the moments that I was in tears, the moments most vulnerable, angry and yet despite all of that I still JUST LOVED JESUS through it. I was still proclaiming that HE is and always will be such a good, good father! 

It was so edifying to hear after I ministered that these women got their voice back. They got their strength reignited again! That was so powerful for me. It was so edifying. IT was worth it! I can now look back and say that. I can now look back and smile. 

And then the pouring in came… I sat back and listen to Pastor Lynette and Pastor Marcia minister and man oh man was I edified! There is something so powerful about surrounding yourself with women that are REALLY Holy Spirit filled. Not just women that say the love Jesus but women who live Jesus! Women who have been through so much and don’t sit around and gossip and complain or lick their wounds. No, no, no. Women that take the WORD and apply it! Even when they can’t see the blessing they declare the blessing! Declare even when you don’t see it yet! That’s faith!!!! 

There was the last activity for the conference and as simplistic as it may have seemed, it was POWERFUL! Pastor Lynette wanted these women to apply the word, “Word in Action”!! We say we are a lot of things in life: shy, hurt, wounded, incapable, etc. etc. And we often say these things because we don’t fill our hearts and minds up with what the bible or better yet Jesus says that we are and says we can accomplish!  People of God we need more of that! Washing of the word and scripture so that we can be more successful and teach out generations that follow us who God is and how much He loves us!!! 

So the activity was to take a look at scriptures that can show us who we are and what we can do! Pastor Lynette had tons of Scriptures on different tables and it was such a God thing! 

One thing that I will keep believing until Jesus takes me home, you are who you say you are! The more destiny you speak in your life the more you will live it. The more death you speak in your life the more you will see it! 

We need to keep confessing that we are NOT ashes, our lives are not grey and useless…no, no, no. God will take the dead things in you and make something so beautiful and so essential!!!!! It will be epic! But you need to confess it and walk that out.

Stop saying hello my name is… defective, hello my name is… defeated, hello my name is… fear, hello my name is… failure. No, No, No, No!!

 Hello my name is… blessed, Hello my name is… loved, Hello my name is… healed, Hello my name is… accepted!

Today I want you to have a new name! God changed names in scripture because no longer did he want people to be defined by their failure. NOPE He wanted people to be defined by their destiny! So today I need you to write down on a piece of paper what your new name is and apply a scripture with it and place it where you will see it day in and day out. The more you see it and say it, the more you will believe it!

Hello My Name is… LOVED!

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