Take a Dip

Wow is all I can say after Sunday’s service. We started the morning service and even the songs that we sung began to speak to what was about to take place at Heaven on Earth Church. We sang about walls and chains falling, we sang about the presence of God and bringing the presence down to Heaven and making it a reality. It was thick in that sanctuary and we all felt that an explosion in the supernatural was coming. We were at the peak but didn’t know when it was going to breakout. And then the suddenly came.

 It was not until a simple act occurred that the presence of God broke free. I was appalled, just when you think you have to pump, shout and dance to usher in His presence… NO, NO, NO a simple act of bringing someone to the altar… brining someone to Jesus and BOOM. The heavens opened and you felt the bliss of His presence in ways that you never thought could happen. I was able to witness how the spirit of God was FREE to do whatever He wanted. I was soaked in His love, I was soaked in His security, I was soaked in His presence. And I heard Him say “take a dip, take another dip, take another dip, dip until you have fully let go of you and you are submerged in My presence!” How do you transition from that?

Then time for the preaching came and I took the mic and released the word that the Lord released in my belly – “Tenacious Obedience: Take a Dip”.

13 Naaman’s servants went to him and said, “My father, if the prophet had told you to do some great thing, would you not have done it? How much more, then, when he tells you, ‘Wash and be cleansed’!” 14 So he went down and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the man of God had told him, and his flesh was restored and became clean like that of a young boy. ”  2 Kings 5:13-14

Lives were transformed. People came up for the altar call and while people were running to the feet of Jesus, I made it a point to tell the congregation, please know that this spot (as I pointed to the section below by the stage) is meant for me. I am the first one at the altar call. I need to dip in His presence. I need that one thing that holds me back from His presence to be made whole in me. As I was laying hands I then approached one of my spiritual daughters and she was the last person that I laid hands on that afternoon. I released something in which took everything out of me to give and deposit. I couldn’t lay hands anymore; I was done in His presence. The team was helping me as people were weeping and falling in His presence. I am telling you the intensity of His love and healing began to increase in that sanctuary.

Suddenly I found myself in that place where I previously pointed to when I was making the altar call. The place of healing.  The place where I just needed to soak and take a DIP! Jesus said audibly, “take a DIP!” I remember passing the mic to one of the youth and once he opened his mouth another wave of glory hit so hard that I fell back and was laying on the floor, just weeping. The Lord knew my prayer, he knew my heart, he knew my sorrow, he knew my everything, he knew that Sundays are the most difficult day out of the week for me, He knew what I faced each afternoon at 4:45PM, He knew it all. And in that moment when His presence was so overwhelming – She came. One of my spiritual daughters came and laid right next to me on the floor, she held my hand and it was as if she was telling me through this act: “I am here and not letting go, so don’t let go.” and within seconds all six of my spiritual daughters were laying with me in His presence. We wept, prayed, they prophesied over me, sung over me… It was an experience that some people never have the opportunity to feel. The feeling of unity and closeness… the feeling of purpose. The feeling of wonder. The feeling of Jesus saying, I will surround you with women that will know your heart, women that will carry your DNA for Heaven on Earth Church.

Jesus told me a few years ago, clearly – you have women that will need to carry what you have. They need to have your senses; they need to carry your heart because your assignment is in the nations but Heaven on Earth will be your home base. And the time to select these women was NOW. I never understood that urgency until now. Isn’t it amazing how Jesus does these things to prepare you for the NOW.

So my selection for these women began. I was hesitant – who knows this church better than me and my late husband? No one. How can I trust someone with what God placed in my hands? I must… I had no choice but to say, “this is Your Kingdom Jesus not mine.” I had no choice but to choose. And I knew that He had ordained the right women that will be with me and would be willing to lay on the floor with me when the weight was too heavy to bear.

Women that carry the yearning and desire to be soaked in His presence. They carry the zeal and desire to want more. They carry the very thing that was knitted in me and their Papa Lion years ago. They carry promise, they carry authority, they carry love, they carry compassion, they carry sacrifice, they understand brokenness, they understand healing, they understand that Jesus makes all things new. They understand me.

To my beautiful spiritual daughters: I love you more than words can ever say or describe and these are the pieces that each of you carry of me:

Lillianis – The Counselor and Pastor in me

Veronica – The Worshipper in me

Shaneska –  The Leader and Pastor in me

Joanne – The Teacher in me

Nany- The Administrator in me  

Maria- The Prophet in me

Please note this is just scratching the surface of who they are and what authority they carry! Beware they ARE FIERCE!

Thank you Jesus for allowing us to take a DIP on Sunday! We will never be the same again!



7 Comments on “Take a Dip

  1. Wow wow wow.. As I read, I live it again. God is just so amazing in every way. The presence was so soothing to the soul as He kept covering us with His love and the reminder of our first date (Encounter) with Him. That first love feeling.
    I thank God for you and the amazing Dip we took yesterday and everything in our journey. Thank you for saying yes and depositing in me.
    I thank God for my sisters Llilianis, Joanne, Vero, Maria and Nany. These ladies have taught me some things.. With words and actions.
    I’m just exited for what God will continue and increase to do in our dear Heaven On Earth and our covenant sisterhood.
    Love you all 😘

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