The Meeting Place

Tonight was such a well needed night. But it started out a bit chaotic. We all had the perfect plan to finally meet up together and just spend time together, something in which we have not had a chance to do in MONTHS! We are all super busy. Some of us are wives, single mothers, widowers, career women, stay at home moms, ministers, friends, and soooo much more. The list of titles are endless!

Aside from the busy agendas we were just eager to spend a night out together and WITH our treasures. What did we really sign up for? Eight women and nine Children (we all didn’t bring all our kids) and we were outnumbered. That’s is NOT good. LOL as the time for us to meet drew closer so did the famous rain showers of Florida. The rain begins to pour down, at first a quite rain and then suddenly a fierce rain.

The cellphones began to lite up. What do we do now? What is the plan B? A restaurant – wait there is too many of us, keeping in mind we have the kids, yep, that idea won’t be good. But never the less our famous weather girl gave us the forecast – clear skies on this side ladies. We all got into our trucks and SUVs – no mini-vans here (no offense), and we started heading to the meeting place. As we were heading there, the rain continues to pour down. I kept saying to myself how in the world is this going to stop in the next 5 miles. Never the less, my foot still stayed on the gas and I kept going. I had faith that we can still have “Our time” just like in the movie “The Goonies” when Mickey told the gang the famous line: “Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here”.

So knowing that it was “our time”, we all parked the trucks by the event and the rain didn’t have mercy on the fact that we have now all arrived to the location and obviously didn’t get the memo to cease. Nope it was still drizzling. We got out of the car and quickly huddled around for the plan B. The kids began to display meltdowns. Oh no! It’s about to get real now. The mom instinct needed to kick in quick. I have three of these nine treasures and they all have different personalities but when they are hungry they all behave the same…”hangry”. Yep hungry and angry all in one! What a mix. We quickly went through the different food trucks to see what would each child want. Needless to say my children wanted food from three different food trucks! Yep that’s how we role! LOL we are high “The Maintenance Mendez Tribe”. I began to place orders and multi-task, and as I was doing that the rain stopped. As food began to fill their bellies the crying stopped, and then laughter was finally welcomed into the party. We all sat down at one table and began to eat. We talked, laughed, shared our next endeavors and just were free to be us! No titles, no constraints, just us. The kids began to play board games and it was BLISSFUL. It was good.

It was welcoming for me to sit there and spend that time with these ladies that I love so much. Ladies that have been with me through thick and thin. Ladies that don’t stop loving each other, but preserve through the down pours in life and say – “I got you.” Women that are willing to kick into autopilot and pivot in life as needed to make lemonade out of lemons.

The meeting place is just that, a place of significance that no matter what the situation may look like, we don’t make excuses. If it really is our priority, we will make it there. We will get to our final destination. If we allow the storms of life to take over, we can never meet joy at the meeting place. we can never see bliss. We may have to go through some ugly weather and there may be some crying and pain along the way, but once we have finally pushed passed all the chaos the meeting place brings joy. The meeting place brings fulfillment. The meeting place was all worth it!


Dedication – To my Lionesses –  Love always Mama Lion!


7 Comments on “The Meeting Place

  1. I love it! Details!? present!
    I love each of you girls. I thank God for you and your heart and your personality.
    Love mommy’s night.

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  2. As I was reading I relived the moment. Jaja 😂
    What first seemed like “ohhhh noooo not now”.
    We looked at each other likeeee sistaaaa (papa lions voice) lol we got this!💪😉👊
    Today we are able to enjoy that choas moment with laughter.
    Never a dull moment. 🤗
    Love you ALL too piece! 😘
    Overcoming anything and everything TOGETHER!

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  3. Oh boy, what we have planned for days in advance was starting to look like a chaos… rain, messagessssss, hungry kids, hungry mommies…just like the movie, The perfect storm, where various elements were clashing into 1…but the forces of love and friendship overcame the cloudiness and we created our own perfect storm of stories to tell and laughters…when we get together that is what we do!!!! Love each one of you… bunch of silly ladies…😙😙

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