Don’t Settle


As I was scrolling through my pictures this afternoon, the words “Don’t Settle” came to my spirit. It was Holy Spirit reminding me again not to settle. He was reminding me of the words that were given to me a few months ago: Be Still and know that I am GOD.  I had to take a step back and analyze why I do what I am doing. Why I push so hard for something that is not in God’s plan nor in His timing. Why do I settle when that is not what God has promised me?

As humans the wait factor is agonizing. You have to wait on line in the store (for those of us who are not doing online orders), you have to wait for a package to come in, you have to wait for your food to be prepared and the list goes on. By this point we should be used to waiting. Nothing is instant in our day to day life. Even to send an electronic correspondence there is a time that it needs to connect with a server and produce an alert that shows something was delivered.

Waiting…so hard but yet we do this all day long. This should be second nature but it is not. Not for many of us. Not for me. I really dislike waiting. I love to get things done now and fast and the Lord is teaching me that can’t possibly be realistic. I am a go getter, that has always been my nature as a child and I am learning that in order to be really effective you need to be willing to wait. Good things take time, they take sweat, they take sacrifice, and they take patience. I have learned over the seasons in my life that the waiting game is essential and painful all at the same time. No-one walks into a gym unfit and walks out after 30 minutes a contender in a body building contest. Nope that is unrealistic… Some of us probably laughed at that examples but yet we expect Rome to be built overnight for us.

We have to make sure that we are learning what God wants to do within us as we wait. Waiting matures you. If done right, it teaches you the fruits of the spirit. It teaches you how to trust in the Lord. It shows you that God is the one who should fashion your days and not you. The waiting period allows you to understand who you are as a person. Have you ever taken the time to discover that…? “Who am I?” and then after you have that figured out your next questions should really be, “who does God want me to be?”. None of this can be accomplished if you DON’T WAIT on Jesus.

When you don’t wait, guess what you have now settled. You have settled for something that you may not have even wanted nor can handle. You are settling and creating an open invitation for: disappointment, distractions, and disbelief to be a tenant in your home. You have settled for something that God did not want for you and then we tend to blame God when it didn’t happen your way. But let’s take a step back and analyze – Who settled? Who made the call on that decision? Hmm… We did… not the Lord.  Why don’t we just embrace the well-known verse in the scripture that states:

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” Psalm 46:10

I am not sure about you but I can’t afford to settle. Settling will cost me to go back to square one. I hate having to start something over knowing that if I just would have made one correct decision this would have not been my setback.  Can you relate to this? I can.

Today I need you to stop and think, am I settling in my decision? Have I prayed this through? And even at times, have I fasted about this? At the end of the day it’s still your decision to settle or not.


One Comment on “Don’t Settle

  1. thank you for this message today, as this message told me today just that… don’t settle but what was even louder is “be still and know I am God” ughhh that so spoke to my season! thank you for living and breathing your life experience and sharing your testimony. may the lord bless you and keep you!

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