The Rescue

As I wait patiently before the Lord in this storm I am reminded of one-word RESCUE. What does that word really mean? To me it has depth and it needs wisdom in order to navigate it’s effectiveness. There will be storms that will rise up in your life, situations that will take you to the breaking point, moments that will make you want to throw in the towel of LIFE, volcanos that just erupt suddenly in your life and all you see are catastrophes but BE STILL. That’s such a hard statement to say and even live out. BE still and wait for the right person to rescue you.

Many times we look at the wrong people to rescue us. This is where we go wrong! We are so depended on people to get us out of these storms and that is not their JOB. Our frustration level rises and we don’t understand why. The why is in the hands of the one who made that decision.  The more YOU make the decision in this storm without consulting the Lord the less these decisions will bring you closer to a place of peace.

I truly need to see the peace of God that surpasses all my understanding.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4: 6-8

When Paul wrote this verse – it was as if he knew I would face this situation right now. As if he wrote this letter just for me versus the church of Philippians. There has been such anxiety lately and I say to myself – Why? What is the reason that I feel like this? Such a rise of stress, lack of eating, sleeping but this has happened over night! An overwhelming feeling that brings me back to the moment of the accident. A feeling of desperation that is a constant reminder of tragedy and disappointment. A feeling of now what? How will this work? How, why, when, play in my mind all day long. But yet there is something slightly different this time. The desire to seek and draw closer to Jesus is just pressing so heavy on my heart. Wanting to remove all the noise and say What do you want from my life – let your supplication be known to Jesus! I say to myself, how can I continue to walk this walk broken but yet rescued. How do you experience brokenness but yet also have encountered being rescued?  Those I have to say are the mysteries of Jesus. He is able to take the broken and rescue it – and bring it back to a place of restoration. He will rock your world.

I need to keep embracing His rescue not the rescue of the leaders and members of my church, it can’t be the co-workers, friends, family… no no no. It can’t be anything BUT YOU Jesus. There has to be a realization of this. Once there is you will understand why turning to your spouse, loves one, family, etc. will simply not work. You can’t be rescued from your storm by anyone but the one who knows how to quite the storm with one word. The only reason I can say this and get to this point is because I have truly encountered the LOVE of Jesus. I have truly encountered how He has rescued me time and time again. I have seen His hand move so mightily in my life and in the life of my family. So why change the rescuer now?

Jesus is in control of all my situations no matter how difficult for me they may be – HE WILL BE MY RESCUE.

2 Comments on “The Rescue

  1. Amazing …. resonates with me and my pain even after all these years.


  2. Thank you for this message! This hit home deep.., “You can’t be rescued from your storm by anyone but the one who knows how to quite the storm with one word. “ I love you sister, I pray that the Lord keeps using abundantly more for his glory!

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