This word is mentioned 74 times in the bible, specifically in the Old testament. What is the meaning of this word? Well it means: to Pause! Specifically tied to a musical break, Selah is the opportunity for you to pause and just think about what the worship just meant to you.  Do we do this often? Sit back and reflect on what intimate relationship we have with Jesus? How do you sit back and reflect on His mercy and His goodness?

I personally have to keep learning how to do this… JUST pause. There has been so many things that keep me busy, especially these past few weeks. I have not been able to write as much as I wanted to, or do the things that I want to. Since I have transitioned back to a position where I am taking more of a lead position, it comes with the awful feeling of “overwhelmed”. It is as if the feeling of overwhelmed wants to be coupled with “responsibility”. The two often times walk together in the journey of life but should they? Always? Does one have to always relate to the other? How do we as humans rise up against these feelings? It definitely has to do with your relationship with Jesus. The more you lean on Jesus to give you strategy, the more you empower yourself with resources and tools that are effective, the more you surround yourself with the right type of people. And it’s at that point when you will see yourself overcome the feeling of overwhelmed. I must also add; this is a process!!! Many people want someone or something to fix it for them right now and that may not just be the case. I have to be honest, I don’t have all the answers to a perfect strategy and my strategy will not fit yours, there is not just one answer that can fix everyone’s feeling of overwhelmed and can help align their lives. Everyone is different and everyone’s processes will be different. What could work for me may not work for you and vice versa. But the one thing that does work for everyone is the DEPENDENCY on Jesus! That is where we must begin. We must begin at a place where we can hear his voice, have that intimate relationship with him and then know exactly when to PAUSE. The Key is to begin!

Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Psalm 62:8

I am reading this book called Overwhelmed and I am learning from these two authors strategies that will help me stay grounded. Don’t be afraid to do that. Don’t be afraid to educate yourself to understand how to be a better you.

Learning how to balance life and leadership is something that I personally always have to work towards. Day by day it is a decision that I need to make to strategically plan out what will occur, for the day, week, month and even year. So many people depend on you. Your name is called from the North, South, East and West! If you have children, it will be easy for you to relate to this next statement. “Mom, mom, mom, mom” this phrase/chant is continuous throughout the day until my tribe is asleep!  You may hear the same chant at work, Cristina, Cristina, Cris, Mende, etc.”  or at church, “Pastora, Pastor, Pastor Cristina…” People call your name all day long. And they need your attention. It is and can be exhausting.

I just finished a PI planning session and the one name that I kept hearing throughout the room of 7 project teams was CRISTINA! I was being pulled in 20 directions. But I had to quickly strategize and use the people on my team. I quickly looked at my two BAs and said team I need you to focus your time on this and that. I looked at my Scrum Master and said I need you to focus your time on this, and at the end of the day I accomplished way more as a team than what I could have done alone. I had to strategize. Was I overwhelmed at one point, yes of course. The famous chant was happening, but I needed to learn how to strategize quickly and execute.

Through life this will always be something we need to do, as husbands, wives, mother, fathers, employees, etc. We always need to learn how to manage the crazy moments in life. During these times we can never forget to Pause. Pause and think about God’s mercy, His love for you, how He delights to see you whole. Pause and think about hearing his voice through the crazy times and even the calm times when you are worshipping. Can you stop and hear His direction for your life? Or will you, is the question. Will you take the time to factor in that “Pause”? Pause and hear from Jesus on how to make this journey called Life as fruitful as it can possibly be.


3 Comments on “Selah

  1. Amen.. as I read this, I pause just to thank the lord for your beautiful inspiration in my life. It’s so true. My first words as I get out of my bed is “lord be my strength for today”. Then as the day go by… you are running around like crazy. I have to stop myself and remember…What happen to those words you said this morning?… Soon as I pause and realize ” I’m not allowing the lord to lead the day and I switch over to allowing him to lead the day… The day because brighter. Thank you, for reminding us to Pause… God bless you.


  2. Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s so true that we need to pause. As a full time employee, a mother of 3, a wife and a youth group leader it’s a lot of responsibilities and it can be overwhelming. But, like you said it is God’s Desire do see me whole and living a fruitful life. I need to pause.

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