The Pregnancy Journey 

The memories of being pregnant…for some it brings back feelings of joy and even maybe a desire to do the journey again. For others it may bring back memories of constant nausea, back pain, discomfort. But I believe that we can all agree on something, being pregnant is something powerful. It is something truly miraculous.  From the time you find out that you have a beautiful child growing inside of you to actually seeing your body change, it is purely supernatural. The way that your stomach begins to grow as that very life, that very purpose begins to grow and take form. You wonder what will he or she look like? Daddy’s smile and Mommy’s eyes? Will they have his sense of humor and her social personality? You begin to wonder and dream and plan. You begin to place hope, desire, and passion into this miracle that is forming inside of you. There is something so beautiful about a woman who is 7 months pregnant… her stomach looks as if she swallowed a basketball, her maternity cloths fit her just right and she glows like lightning bugs at twilight.

God intends pregnancy to be a process. There are generally 9 months or 40 weeks that a women carries this miracle in her belly before her and her husband welcome this blessing into this world. These months and weeks hold great significance. It is called time.

Time is something that I believe many of us as humans like to rush. We live in a modern day society that looks at ways to highlight faster productivity and shorter steps to reach the same goal. Time is something that can be measured with so many different tools and options but this I know, God’s time is never to early and never too late. The time is takes for a miracle to be birthed is of great essence. There is precision in the arrival of this miracle, there is precision in when it should begin or mature. Timing is key! Something birthed before it’s time as doctors say is premature. Something arriving after time is classified as late.

The goal of us as Christians is to catch that timing. Catch the timing of Jesus’ will for our lives. Many times we are too early or way to late to birth out our destiny and dreams. Sometimes we stay pregnant with the ministry, desire or that dream for far too long, and Jesus is saying the baby is ready!

I remember when I was pregnant with my first son, my late husband and I were in such expectation for his birth but the due date came and nothing… a week went by and nothing. We were both getting desperate for his arrival. Approaching the second week, I looked at the doctor and said this can’t be. I can’t be pregnant for 42 weeks, that’s over 10 months!! He looked at us and said “go to the hospital. We will have to do a c-section. If we leave the baby too long there are a lot of risks that can jeopardize his health.” Nervous but anxious, because we didn’t wait all this time to allow anything to jeopardize our miracle, we headed to the hospital to deliver our son, our miracle!

It should be the same way in our walk with Jesus. He is the Doctor of all doctors and when He says “The time has come.” Allowing you to carry this miracle longer than needed will only harm the miracle, you, and that which I purposed it for. We must desire to overcome the fear and nervousness that the enemy likes to place in our minds and get ready to push. We need to be ready to push out our miracle… on TIME!

Once we have realized it’s time now the next part of this process is the delivery. Delivery is essential in this and it will determine your appreciation for your miracle. Join me in my next blog titled “The Labor Pain”.

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